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Our Thanksgiving

My Family  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Since some of us were getting over colds we stayed home and enjoyed being together as a family. We had a really delicious breakfast to start off our day. Then Mommy and Amy worked on cooking food for our big feast.  We had turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, jello salad, cranberry sauce, corn, and apple pie. It was really good. Thank you Amy and Mommy for making the food. We played Dutch Blitz and then we watched a really interesting film. We had a really fun and enjoyable Thanksgiving.

                                                         Things I am Thankful For *Jesus Christ
*The Word of God
*My Family and Friends
*The Nice Weather
*A House

What Has Been Going On

Bethany, Ellia, Faith and I have been getting over some colds. Yesterday Bethany, David, Mommy and  I had eye exams. David's eyesight is fine. Bethany and Mommy don't have to get to glasses, but they could. I need new lenses for my glasses. Daddy, Daniel, and I wear glasses. Amy only needs glasses when she plays music.

Today Bethany and David went up to the neighbor's house and raked leaves for them. They carried the leaves back to our house and made a giant pile in our yard. It was really fun going and jumping in the leaf pile.

Recently, I have been working on a slide show about the R.M.S Titanic. It has been really interesting learning all sorts of things about the Titanic. Here are some facts about it:

*It cost about 400 million dollars in today's money

*When loaded, it weighed 65 thousand tons.

*It carried 36 grand pianos

*It also used 14,000 gallons of drinking water for each day

*It almost got hit by another ship, as it pulled out of the harbor

*There were 222…

The Zoo

The other day Mommy took Amy, David, Ellia and I to the zoo. Faith was not feeling well so Bethany stayed home with her. They had a new exibit. It was about polar bears. It was a really big furry, white bear. We got to see lots of animals from Africa. We had a really nice time at the zoo. My favorite animal was the polar bear. It was really fun to watch the bear swim around in the water. When you got really close to the glass and it swam by in front of you it looked really big!