Monday, November 29, 2010

Our Thanksgiving

My Family

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Since some of us were getting over colds we stayed home and enjoyed being together as a family. We had a really delicious breakfast to start off our day. Then Mommy and Amy worked on cooking food for our big feast.  We had turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, jello salad, cranberry sauce, corn, and apple pie. It was really good. Thank you Amy and Mommy for making the food. We played Dutch Blitz and then we watched a really interesting film. We had a really fun and enjoyable Thanksgiving.

                                                         Things I am Thankful For
*Jesus Christ

*The Word of God

*My Family and Friends


*The Nice Weather


*A House


Bethany Joy said...

I had a really nice time with you all. You'll are the best family ever:)

Love ya, sis:)

LW said...

Good job on your blog, Carissa!

We serve a wonderful God and your blog really honors Him!