Friday, December 31, 2010

A Servant

A Servant

A servant's very nice to have
But nicer one to be,
To help the other folk along
Than have them wait on me.

You never need to be ashamed
To be a servant true;
For kindness shown to other folks
Will all come back to you.

The greatest servant ever known
Was God's beloved Son;
He willingly served others till
His earthly life was done.

He left the glory-Home above
A servant's life to live,
And die a servant's death as well,
His precious life to give.

Then how much more should we be glad
To serve and help and love,
For His dear sake, who stooped so low
To come from Heav'n above. 


Bethany Joy said...

Okay, this will be my last one. Great poem, I really like it.

And to answer your question that you asked on my blog - yes, I did take the picture of Faith.


Carissa said...

Thanks for commenting, Bethany. I really like getting comments!!! I really like the picture of Faith on your blog. You take really good pictures.


mattsrib said...

Great poem, Carissa!! I have been discussing serving/servanthood with a friend, Mrs. Woodward made that her slug-bug tag topic yesterday and now I read your blog and you have a great poem about it. I think God is trying to tell me something!!


Carissa said...

Thanks for the comment Mrs. M. It is a really good poem. Have a wonderful day!