Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Today while Mommy, Bethany and David were in Topeka, Amy, Ellia and I baked some cookies. Then we had pancakes. We first made Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies then we made Chocolate Chip Cookies. Go to Bethany's blog to see the recipe for the Chocolate Chip Cookies. Go to Sarah's blog to see the recipe for the Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Wheat Choclate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies


Lois said...

They sure look good Carissa! Choclate chip cookies are my favorite thing to bake and eat. :)

Becky said...

How yum!

Carissa, I added your blog button to my blog! You can see it on the page titled: "Blogs 'n Links".

Also, I'm holding a giveaway, and you're invited to participate!
Visit: http://heritageofgrace.wordpress.com/category/sharing-giveaway/


Becky said...

oops I gave the wrong link to the giveaway. Here is the correct one:

Carissa said...

Hi Lois,

Chocolate Chip Cookies are really fun to bake and really fun to eat. Bethany normally makes the Choclate Chip Cookies so it was really fun to make them this time.


Carissa said...

Hi Becky,

Thanks for adding my blog button to your blog. I will be sure to head over to your blog to enter in the giveaway.


Sarah said...

Those look delicious, Carissa! I had to do a double take when you mentioned "Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies" and "Sarah" . . . it took a bit for me to realize that that was me! :) Hope you enjoyed them!

Carissa said...

Hi Sarah,

I did enjoy the Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies. They were so delicious.