Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Amy!!!

My Sweet Sister

Happy Birthday Amy!! I pray that today was a very special day. Thanks for being such a great sis. Thank you also for being such an example for me in our Saviour. It is very encouraging to read your blog posts, read your newsletter, seeing you grow in Christ, etc... I love you lots. I am soooo glad you are my big sister. I am very privileged to have you as my big sister. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY!!!!


Abby said...

That's so sweet of you Carissa! Happy Birthday Amy!


Sarah said...

Aww, what a precious post, Carissa! It brought a smile to my face to read. Amy is such a blessing, isn't she?! And she is blessed to have you as her little sister!

Carissa said...

Hi Sarah,

Yes, Amy is such a blessing! She is a great big sister. I really enjoy being with her.


Carissa said...

Thanks for the comments, Abigail. I really enjoy receiving comments from you. Have a great day.