Monday, April 25, 2011

Sweet Little Girl


Sarah said...

These photos make me smile. :) What a little bundle of sunshine she is!

Bethany Joy said...





I love my Faith-a-darlin'!

Carissa said...

Sarah - Yes, Faith is such a bundle of sunshine.

Bethany Joy - I definitly agree with you that Faith is: Darling, Cute, Sweet, and Adorable. I love my Faith-a-darlin' too!


Bethany Grace said...

Hello, Carissa!

Oh my, you have a darlin' little sister. :) Look - - she's smiling in all the pictures!!

You'll never believe how excited I was to find our you were Bethany's sister. I was begging my computer to hurry up, so I could find your blog. :D

And thank you (and your sister) for the sweet birthday wishes. :) It made my day even sweeter than it already was!

Bethany said...

Oh man, she's SOOOOOO CUTE!!! :)
And thanks for entering my giveaway Carissa! :)

Bethany. :)

Jireh-Shaddai said...

What a beautiful photos! She is adorable! Blessings :)

Carissa said...

Bethany Grace - Yes, she is a darling little sister. Thanks for commenting.

Bethany - I have to agree with you. Faith is a cute little girl. I can't wait to see who the winner is for your giveaway (I know you just started it but I'm really excited about it).

Jireh-Shaddai - She is adorable. Thanks for the comments you have left me.


Abby said...

Very, Very Cute!! We call our littl Faith; Faithie-love. :)


Carissa said...

Hi Abby,

Thanks for the comment. Faithie-love is a really cute name for a baby. I really like that name. Thanks for telling me.