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The Perfect Summer - A Story

Hi, my name is Jennifer Ross. I am eleven years old and am part of the most amazing family ever. There is Daddy, Mommy, Jonathan, Jessie, and Jeremiah. Mommy said I am to write about the best summer ever. Many people think that the best summer ever is going to the park and having a picnic, drinking cold lemonade, biting into juicy watermelon, reading good books and doing absolutely nothing. I have to disagree with them. That may be their idea of the perfect summer but that is not mine. Here is my idea of a perfect summer.
“Hurray, school is out,” I shouted. Mother looked up from the book she was reading. “You’re all done?! Very good, I didn’t think you would be done until the end of the month.” She smiled at me and then turned back to her book. Just then my brothers and sister and Daddy walked in. Daddy was rubbing his hands and his eyes sparkled. He would rub his hands and his eyes would sparkle whenever he had an idea. He turned to me, “So, Jennifer, you are all done with school. That is just wonderful because I know what you are going to do for the summer.” In our family Daddy always decides what we will do during the summer. We might go somewhere, do a project together, camp out or whatever else he decides. “Jennifer, you will be making food for the next door neighbor. You will be mowing the lawn to. Your brothers and sister will help you. If you do this faithfully, diligently and correctly you will be awarded a week before school starts again.” I was quite surprised when I heard this but decided that I would rather enjoy it. I like mowing lawns, cooking, and I was quite ready to help the neighbor. Our neighbor was in her 70’s. She was a very sweet lady and when we moved in about three years ago she made us a big meal.
The next day I awoke and got ready for the day. I then sat at my desk and wrote out what things I could do to help her. My list included: making meals, making just small things like muffins, cookies, etc, mowing the lawn, tending the gardens, feeding the animals, filling the bird feeder with feed and making sure the bird bath was full of water. As I looked over my list I surprised myself with saying, “This is going to be fun.” I did think it would be fun. I enjoyed helping other people. I liked cooking, mowing, keeping the yard tidy, taking care of the animals and filling the bird feeder and bath. As we had breakfast I went over my plan with Mommy. I would clean the breakfast kitchen and then make a meal which would include a croissant sandwich, a bowl of fruit, and some cookies. I would then mow the lawn, clean the house feed the animals and tidy up the yard.
Breakfast cleanup was over, the meal was made and I was heading over to our neighbor’s house. I nervously knocked on the door and waited for her to answer. The door was pulled open and our neighbor, Rose, stepped out.
“Hello there, Jennifer,” She said. “Hello Mrs. Johnson. I made you this meal. Also this summer I am going to be making you meals, taking care of the yard, animals, cleaning the house and doing anything you want done.” I answered. “That’s so sweet of you. Thank you so much, honey,” she replied. “I am going to start with mowing the lawn,” I said. “Thank you so much.” She took the meal from me and then went inside.
This went on all summer long. A week before I was to start school Daddy called us all into the family room. “You did a wonderful job, Jennifer. You could continue through the fall and winter. Now, I said that I would give you a prize at the end. You have definitely earned that prize. It is,” he paused and waited for us to grow impatient, “it is a week to Florida! I am taking my vacation time now. You will be able to swim with dolphins. We will be staying right next to the beach.”
We headed down to Florida and had an amazing week which consisted of swimming with dolphins, seeing white beaches, being with my family and just enjoying the warm weather of Florida. With the week vaction over we headed back to our home - the state of Iowa.
That is my idea of the perfect summer. You might be saying: “How could you think that is the perfect summer?” My answer is: “What could be a more perfect way then serving others? The Bible commands that we serve others. Also serving others is more important in light of eternity then spending our time on ourselves. Why waste our time in this life when we can be using our time to glorify our KING?” Serving others is a better way to spend your summer than all on yourself. That is the perfect summer


LuLu Belle said…
Funny. I was just about to write about how "some people have summer plans, but that doesn't mean they will happen". I also was going to say, "So give your time to the LORD serving others and doing His will.

Lois said…
That was a nice story. Did you write it?

We also had an elderly neighbor who we worked for her. We would clean her house, take out the garbage, and get the mail for her. Sadly, she passed away in March. She reached 96 years of age before she died.

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