Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I was tagged by Desiree (be sure to check out her blog!!) Thank you Desire!!!

1. Favorite Sport: I really like playing baseball and basketball with my family.

2. A Good Name for a Dog: I really like Trixy and Shadow.

3. Favorite Animal: Dogs and horses.

4. Favorite Subject in School: My favorite subjects are history and writing.

5. Favorite Drink: I would have to say, water.

6. Last Song You Heard: The last song I heard was "A New Song". It is a really pretty song and the words are from Psalm 40:3

7. Do You Like to Make People Laugh? Um...I guess I would have to say Yes.

8. Favorite Color: Pink and a deep red.

9. Favorite Hobby: I have several favorite hobbies but my favorite are reading and painting.

10. School Grade You are in: I started 8th grade on August 1

I Tag:
Lauren @: Lulu's Place
Payton @: Dwelling In the Secret Place
Jireh Shaddai @: Precious Moments
Becky @: Heritage of Grace
Jessica @: Jessica's Bakery

Thanks for tagging me, Desiree! I had fun doing it.


Rachel Crosswhite said...


Did you make it to Nationals, Carrissa?

Desiree said...

I awarded you on my blog!

LuLu Belle said...

Hi Carissa...

You said you got tagged, but, what does that mean?


kennedyXD! said...

Hey! I love your blog its so cute! I just want to let you know you are such an encouragement the way you write, i love it. It really shows that you truely love the Lord. Thanks!