Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Giveaway

Bethany and Johanna, over at Royal Daughters of the King, are having a big giveaway. Some of the prizes are...

A Pretty Ring


A Year's Subscription to "For Such A Time As This" Magazine

A Little Pansy Teacup Candle

This huge giveaway ends on September 29, so be sure to head over there and check it out. 


Savories of Life said...

I found your blog becasue you left a comment on the giveaway which I am entering too!! I ahve a brother who is 11 and a sister 13!! Do come over and follow my blog.

Miss Grace said...

Thanks for telling us! :)

I am having a giveaway over @ my blog, too. I hope you and your sweet sisters can enter.

Miss Grace

Natalia said...

I saw that you made it to Nationals, and the other day I was watching the Bible Bee, and I think I saw your brother! I'm guessing it was, so tell him congratulations on making it so far! And congratulations to you, too :)

Carissa said...


Thanks for the comment!! Yes, I made it to nationals. My little brother came in 4th place in primaries. Thanks again for the comment.