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Guestpost :: Miss Hannah

I was honored when Carissa asked me to do a guest post about the Bible Bee! I’m excited to share with you about this competition and how it has impacted my life. Thanks so much for the opportunity, Carissa! 

                Well, first off, what is the Bible Bee? When people ask me this question, I find it hard to sum it up in a few sentences, but I will do my best for you :).  The Bible Bee is a National competition much like the National Spelling Bee but the topic of the Bee is the Bible!  Every year, contestants receive a set amount of verses to memorize (250, 500, or 800 verses depending on what age division he/she is in) and a book of the Bible to study.   At the end of the summer, there is the competition in which contestants are quizzed through a written and a oral test.  Contestants with the top 100 scores in their age category proceed to the National Competition.   

                Okay, so why am I so pumped about this? Well, the Bible Bee is an amazing competition which can and has changed my life.  But, the competition itself wasn’t what radically impacted me.  It was the topic of the competition; the Bible. I first heard of this competition when it first started in 2009.  I thought that it would be a really cool thing to participate in, so I signed up.  Little did I know how much time and effort it took to study and memorize for the competition.  But, me, wanting to do well, studied really hard.  At that point, my main goals in studying were to do good in the competition and proceed to Nationals.  But as I went on through the summer, I realized that my goals were too shallow.  They didn’t hold enough significance, enough motivation to keep me going.  Then, through all that I was studying, the Lord started showing me that all the motivation to study was right in front of me.  I was studying the Word of GOD!  What a privilege! What a worthwhile thing to study, to spend and pour time into.  Through the Bible Bee competition, I have been given the opportunity to immerse myself in God’s very own Words.  Before I got involved in this competition, I didn’t realize the importance of studying and memorizing the Bible.  This competition taught me that priceless lesson...and I won’t trade it for the world.  

                We, as Christians, need to be immersing ourselves in the Scriptures.  Why? Because it is the very word of God and, in order to live a life pleasing to our King and Savior, we need to know what He says.   The Word of God is the Sword of the Spirit (Ephesians 6:17), it is our weapon that we are to use to fight against the wiles of the devil.  We need to know the Scriptures so that we can live a Christ-centered, God-glorifying life. 

                So, what are some practical tips for memorizing and studying that I have learned? Well, first off, devise a plan; set aside a time to study, pick a passage of Scripture to memorize, make a schedule and set a date to have it memorized by, etc.  If you haven’t done much memory work before, I suggest that you start with small passages.  Don’t over-whelm yourself.  It may seem hard at first, but don’t give up; review, review, review until you feel comfortable with the passage.  Believe me, when I first started memorizing, it was very hard.  I had the hardest time remembering the easiest verses.  But as I kept studying, it became easier.  Keep working, slowly building your pile of memorized verses/passages.  Once you have done it for a little while, I suggest memorizing a larger passage of Scripture such as a whole chapter or even a whole book of the Bible.  Work through it at a comfortable pace - take your time.  It is so neat to memorize large passages of Scripture because then you can see the broader context of the individual verses. 

                Memorizing and studying Scripture is so important.  And that’s why I love the Bible Bee.  It serves as a great tool and motivation to do just that.   I would encourage any young person to participate in this competition.  For more information visit  

                Carissa also ask me to answer the question: Can you please share about yourself? So, here’s a little bit about me.  For starters, my name is Hannah.  I belong to the Lord.  He is my all in all.  Without Him I am nothing.  I am the oldest of eight kids and a pastor’s daughter.  My mom is my teacher (a fancy way of saying that I’m home schooled =)) and she’s very good at her job...when I grow up I want to be just like her.  I am definitely a people person :).  I love talking with my parents, playing with my siblings, and laughing with my friends.  A few of my favorite things are books, recipes to try out, music (especially that of the piano), a fresh summer morning, games to play with my family, sunsets, and hot chocolate on a cold winter day.  I also enjoy drama, running, researching fun topics, knitting/crocheting, and most importantly, spending time with my King and closest Friend; Jesus Christ. You can find me occasionally writing over at So, that’s me in a nutshell. It’s a pleasure to meet you :). 


amy said…
Great post, Hannah! Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

It was a blast to meet you at Nationals! Maybe we'll see you next year :D
Bethany said…
Wow, wonderful post, Hannah! It was very encouraging to read.

Thank you for all your posts you do on the accountability blog...they are always so good to read!

I have enjoyed getting to know you, and hope we can talk soon =)

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