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Interview :: Miss Emily

{Me}: Can you please tell us about yourself? 
{Emily}: I am a fourteen-year-old, homeschooled young lady living in the South; I am the youngest in a family of three girls. Some of the things I enjoy are leading Bible studies, photography, taking care of babies, and writing (I write a magazine for younger girls). But those things aren't important! What's important is that I'm a Christian, a follower of Christ.

{Me}: How did you hear about the Bible Bee?
{Emily}: I heard about it from the God's World News website.

{Me}: How long have you been doing the Bible Bee?
{Emily}: This is my third year of doing it---I've loved every year!

{Me}: Has the Bible Bee been a blessing, and how?
{Emily}: Oh, yes! Not only have I learned so much of the Word of God, but I've been tried each year of doing it in other ways. Fighting against discouragement has been a big struggle for me, but I'm realizing that through Bible Bee, He is testing to see how much time I'm willing to commit to Him. Also, each year when I finish, I have a new motivation to continue learning and stepping heavenward!

{Me}: How do you memorize?
{Emily}: I like to have an organized system with stacks of different verses when I memorize. This year, I divided the Old and New Testaments and worked through each of them, memorizing about nine verses a day. I have the Old Testament almost perfect, but the New Testament I'm still not as strong at. When I have a passage perfect, I put it in my "perfect box" which I review about once a week

{Me}: Who would you recommend the Bible Bee to?
{Emily}: Any Christian who wants to learn a lot, be stretched a lot, and be motivated a lot! It's a lot of work, but there are so many blessings we will reap if we work diligently at it!

{Me}: Do you have any advice on memorizing?
{Emily}: Review, review, review, and review some more! Repetition is the best way I have found to memorize. Also, having other people quiz you on verses holds you accountable. That way, you know that someone will be "checking up on you."

{Me}: Do you have any other advice for young ladies?
{Emily}: I feel inadequate to answer this question since I am still learning so much! But one thing I am learning is this: always fix your gaze on Jesus. Don't lose sight of Him and put something else in His place! When we accept Christ as our Savior, we don't add something to our live, we exchange lives. We exchange a self-centered life for a beautiful, Christ-centered life! And there is SO much more joy in that life; it is a joy that you can not find anywhere else. Keep redirecting your gaze, and check up on yourself constantly to make sure that He is the focus and all of your life. It is what He, the LORD, the merciful and gracious Savior and Creator of the universe deserves!

Thank you so much for doing this, Emily! We all need to memorize the Word, as it is such a blessing from God.

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Happy Birthday Bethany!

Today is Bethany's 16th birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday, Bethany!

Head over to Bethany's blog to wish her a "Very Happy Birthday!"

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Happy Birthday, Amy!!!

Today is Amy's 18th birthday!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMY!!!!!!! Head over to Amy's blog to wish her a happy birthday!