Friday, August 31, 2012


August 25 Saturday morning at 7:15 found us driving towards the local Bible Bee. We were SO excited. We arrived around 7:30 and helped with registration, taking food downstairs and anything that needed to be done. We became more and more excited as the time drew closer to when we would begin testing. Around 9:00 we all gathered in the sanctuary as our host welcomed us. We sang some, prayed and heard the rules. Then came the time I had been waiting for...the roll call for the juniors to take their written test. We all lined up and headed downstairs where we completed a 200 question test in 1 hour. It was a lot of fun. While the Juniors took their written test the seniors and primaries did their oral rounds where they quoted their scripture passages in front of two judges. After the Junior written test was over we all headed back upstairs to the sanctuary where we waited until our name was called. After each junior completed their oral round they were taken to "The family fun room". A waiting room for the contestants where they could talk with other contestants, play games or just sit back and relax. Once the written test was done for the seniors and primaries and the juniors oral rounds we all went to have lunch. While eating lunch our tests were being scored. Around 2:00 we all gathered once again in the sanctuary. Then each family was called on stage where a parent spoke to their children. Then each contestant was given a medal and their family picture was taken. If there were any top five finishers in that family they were announced. When our family was called we went up on stage and my dad spoke for a little bit to each of us children. We were each given a medal then our host announced that there were some top five finishers in our family. We were really excited as Bethany received 3rd in seniors, David received 2nd in juniors and I received 1st in juniors. We got our family picture taken and then we headed back to our seats. We were sad that Amy had not been in the top five finishers of the seniors. But then we heard our host calling us back up on stage saying that there had been a mistake...Amy was in 1st place in the seniors! We were all very excited. We headed home around 4:30 after helping clean up a bit. We ended the day by talking with some friends about how their local Bible bee went. We were eagerly awaiting the following Wednesday when our scores would be announced!

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