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Bible Bee Update

Nationals is only twenty-three days away! We...the 'bees'...are spending a lot of time studying for Nationals. Below is a list of things that I need to finish in these last twenty-three days before nationals:

Twenty-three days from now we will be in Sevierville, TN (close to Pigeon forge, TN) for the 2012 National Bible Bee! We...the 'bees'...are really looking forward to Nationals. We are spending a lot of time studying. Please be praying for us that we would do our best and study as to the LORD. And that we would leave the results up to God. Below is a list of things that I still need to do before nationals:

*Perfect my memory verses
*Finish making my master charts
*Make my review sheets for each chapter
*Finish writing out the book of 1 Timothy
*Review my Sword Study for 2 Timothy
*Finish learning the Greek words and cross references
*Take some practice tests

In my studying for the Bible Bee I have found several very helpful sites so below is a list of some helpful sites for Bible study/Bible memory:

*Memverse - Memverse is a free Bible memory site to help you keep all your memory verses reviewed. You add your verses that you have memorized to your account and then you type them up. Depending on how well you knew them you rate yourself from 1 to 5 (5 means you remembered it perfectly). From your rating Memverse will figure out when you have to review that verse again to keep it memorized. I have found this site very helpful...mainly after nationals so that I can keep all my verses reviewed. Click here to sign up for free: Memverse 

*Scripture typer - Scripture typer is also a free Bible memory site. It is focused more on helping you memorize your verses. Depending on how fast you type and how well you know the first it may have you review your verses again in a day to three weeks or more. I have found this helpful in perfecting my verses as it has me type them out a lot and that helps cement them in my head. Click here to sign up for free: Scripture typer

*Open Bible - Bible Cross References - This is a site where you can put a verse reference into the box and it will come up with cross references for that verse. I found it helpful because it came up with good cross references but I also noticed that it came up with ones that I thought "that's not a cross reference at all." Click here to go there: Bible Cross References

*Accountability forum - This is a forum for all Bible Bee Contestants. This is a place where you can be accountable to others with how you are doing, encourage others, share what you are learning, etc... This is ONLY for Bible Bee Contestants though. Click here to go sign up for free: Accountability forum

*E-sword - You may or may not have e-sword but I have found it a great help in preparing for the Bible Bee. It is a free program that you can download to your computer and you can use it to study the Bible. It has the Bible, commentaries, dictionaries, a place for you to write your notes, prayer requests, etc... You can download many different commentaries, dictionaries, and Bible versions. Click here to go and download it: E-sword

I hope that these sites are helpful to you as your study and memorize the Bible. May you dig into God's word and hide it in your heart. 


Rachel said…
Can't wait to see you again! Praying for you too!
Elizabeth said…
Hello Carissa! =)

It was SUCH a blessing to meet you at Nationals! It was such a wonderful, amazing week, wasn't it?! I am sooo thankful for the memories made. What an amazing time filled with God's Word!

So glad to have met you and your family! I was so blessed by your joyful smile and encouragement! Have a wonderful day, my friend! =)

With Joy in Christ,

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