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So, I thought I would post some riddles and have you all try to figure out the answers. Some of these are pretty easy to figure out.

1. I am weightless but you can see me, put me in a bucket and I will make it lighter. What am I?

2. I can run all day but never walk, I tell you something but never talk. What am I?

3. I can run but never walk, I have a mouth but never talk, I have a head but never weep, I have a bed but never sleep. What am I?

4. You slice off my head with a knife yet weep beside me when I am dead. What am I?

5. What can you catch but cannot throw?

6. Give me food and I will live, give me water and I will die. What am I?

7. I fly, yet I have no wings. I cry, yet I have no eyes. Darkness follows me; lower light I never see.

8. You do not want to have me but once you have me you do not want to lose me. What am I?

9. What kind of clothes do lawyers wear?

10. When I am filled, I can point the way; When I am empty, Nothing moves me. I have two skins, One without and one within. What am I?

11. How do you drop an egg 10 feet without breaking it?


Hannah said…
Okay here are the ones that I've figured out so far...
1. Light

3. A running, gurgling brook ?...not quite sure about that one :).

4. an onion?

5. Your breath?

6. Fire

I'll post more if I figure them out :).
Sarah said…
2. A clock?

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