Thursday, November 22, 2012

Nationals ~ Part 1

Tuesday, November 13, we got up bright and early and headed out for Sevierville, TN. We left about 7:40 AM. We spent the trip in studying Cross References, Greek Words, Memory Verses, etc... in preparation for Thursday's tests...a 200 question test and 10 minute oral round. It took about 10 hours including stops. One major blessing was that the two little girls were very good car riders :D In Louisville we met up with two other Bible Bee families from our local bee and we had supper together. We had an AMAZING time together. We had lots of fun getting to know each other more since previously all we ever talked about was the Bible Bee. We also talked about what we were looking forward to most at Nationals. We had LOTS of fun. After supper we headed back to our hotel room on the campus of Southern Seminary. Where one of the Bible Bee families was also staying. We had a very nice family suite...not like your usual hotel. The first room had a queen sized bed and the second room had a Bunk bed with a full bed underneath, two more beds and two gigantic bean bag chairs...which Faith slept on :D

Wednesday, November 14, we walked around the campus of Southern Seminary for a couple hours and we had lots of fun seeing all the different builders. The builders looked REALLY nice. Then we piled into our van for the last few hours of travelling. There were about 5 more hours to go before we would reach Sevierville and so we spent that time studying some more. (Several times on our trip we passed big full sized vans with lots of children in the back from different states in the US and then while in TN for Nationals we talked to people and realized they were some of the people we saw on the road. :D) We arrived in Sevierville around 3:00. Daddy and Mommy went in to check in to the hotel and so we children sat in the van and waited. We were getting more and more excited and jumping around in the van while another van pulled in. We finally had our rooms and so we unpacked our vans and lugged all our luggage into our room. Our room was on the third floor so we went to the elevator and since we couldn't all fit in with all our luggage some of us got on and pushed the button for the 3rd floor. A minute later the doors opened up and they were still on the elevator. So they tried again but it still didn't work. We finally realized that we were already on the third floor! We put all our luggage in our room and went to register and get our family pictures taken. While in the registration room we got to see lots of other contestants that we knew. Once registration was over we went up to our room and studied until 5:00 when we went and had supper with the C family. After supper we headed back to our room, reviewed our hard passages and went to bed early. Eagerly awaiting tomorrow's preliminaries :D

: : The Chapel : :

: : Beautiful red trees by pretty buildings : :

: : A leafy, green archway : :

: : Another view of the chapel : :

: : David : :

: : The Dormitories : :

: : The Library : :

: : JJ, David and Everett : :

: : Us and the C Family...minus Daddy who was taking the picture and Daniel who was not there yet: :


Jessica said...

*sigh*...what a wonderful time! I love the buildings and the scenery!

Abby said...

I really like your detailed post about BB and wonderful pictures! Looking forward to more!


Lois said...

Your pictures are really nice! I'm sure it was a very exciting! I wish we could have attended too! It would have been so nice to meet you and your family!