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Two Years??!!

Can it really be two years since I started blogging? I have really enjoyed blogging even though I don't blog as much as I would like. Your comments always brighten my day :D

So, I would like you to tell me your name, how you found my blog and what are two things you want to learn how to do.

My name is Carissa. I started this blog by asking my dad if I could have a blog. He said yes and Amy, my older sister, helped me start it. Two things that I want to learn are, Cake decorating and Html code.

Now it's your turn :D


Anonymous said…
My name is Esther, and I found your blog by poking around on the computer on Bethany's and Amy's blogs. =) I can't think of anything new that I'd like to learn, but I'd like to learn to cook and sew better.

Elizabeth said…
My name is Elizabeth. =) Hmm...I think I found your blog through Bethany's blog. =) Two somewhat random things I would like to learn are: how to do photography sessions in manual mode and how to make a cheesecake. =) Blessings, Carissa! Can't wait to see your BB post. =)

With Joy in our Savior,
S. F. said…
I found your blog from KBR. I can't wait to see more!
~ S. F.
S. F. said…
Thank you, Carissa! How have you been?
~ S. F.
Carissa Rose said…
@S.F.: I am doing well. How have you been? I'm really sorry that I haven't posted anything recently. I will be posting more soon :)
S. F. said…
I'm great! It's okay that you haven't posted, everyone's got to take breaks sometimes. I saw your other blog!
~ S. F.
Carissa Rose said…
@S.F: What did you think of it? Have you ever heard of the Bible Bee?
S. F. said…
I think it's going to be wonderful! I've HEARD of the bible bee before, but I think I understand it now more. Thanks! ~ S. F.

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