Monday, December 10, 2012

Cream Cheese Swirl Brownie Recipe

For the brownie
*1 package brownie mix (18.3 oz)
*1/4 cup water
*1/2 cup vegetable oil
*2 large eggs
For the cream cheese swirl
*6 oz cream cheese, softened
*5 tbsp butter, softened
*1/3 cup sugar
*2 large eggs
*2 tbsp flour
*3/4 tsp vanilla extract

*Preheat oven to 350 F
*Prepare the brownie mix according to box and pour half of the batter into greased 13" x 9" pan.
*Beat together all ingredients for cream cheese swirl and pour evenly over brownie batter in pan.
*Pour the remaining brownie batter on top. Take a knife and run it through the batter mixing together the brownie batter and cream cheese swirl until they swirl together.
*Put in oven for 30 minutes (The recipe says 24-26 minutes but when I put it in for that long they weren't near down. I put them back in for a while but I didn't time it. I just checked the brownies every so often. To know when the brownies should be done the edges are done quite a bit (not burnt though) and the middle should be clean when a toothpick is inserted).

*Recipe courtesy of Fudge Brownie Box (Baker's Corner)


Payton said...

Your making me hungry Carissa! It looks SO good!

Lois said...

That looks delicious! I'll have to give it a try someday!

Abby said...

Oh my! Looks so delicious!

Elizabeth said...

Mmm...those look simply delicious, Carissa! =)