Saturday, December 8, 2012

More Pictures...

...from Southern Seminary. The buildings there were wonderful for taking I just couldn't resist taking lots of pictures. Here are some more pictures.

The Legacy Hotel...where we stayed

The Chapel

Inside the Chapel

Our Hotel Room

RED tree

Our hotel room

Sweet Faith



Lois said...

It's a beautiful campus! And Faith is a sweetie!

BTW Isn't the southern seminary in Kentucky? And wasn't the Bible bee held in Tennessee? How did you travel to and from?

Carissa Rose said...

@Lois: Yes, southern seminary is in Kentucky and the Bible Bee was held in TN. On Tuesday, the day before Bible Bee started, we drove to Louisville Kentucky and spent the night in the Legacy hotel on southern seminary campus. Then on Wednesday we drove the rest of the way to TN. Then that evening was registration. Then on Monday, the following Monday, we drove to Nashville and did some sight seeing and then on Tuesday we drove back to our house :D