Saturday, December 8, 2012

Nationals ~ Part 3

Saturday, November 17, was the day of finals, closing ceremony and dessert reception. All of the contestants in the finals did a wonderful job. I didn't get any pictures though. Before we had supper we had a REALLY fun time playing "Dutch Blitz" with the L. children, Ryan S, and the M. Girls. Playing a four person game with sixteen people can get quite interesting and FUN! While singing "Onward Christian Soldiers" the finalists led everyone to the room where we had the dessert reception. It was such a happy and sad time. Happy because you got to talk to lots of people and meet more people, etc... and sad because this would be the last time you saw them for at least a year if not more. 

David, Joisah, Becca, and Rachel playing Dutch Blitz

More Dutch Blitz

Rachel C., Bethany, Amy and I
It was great getting to see you again Rachel.  

Four of the Senior Finalists
You all did a WONDERFUL job!

Rosie and I
It was wonderful getting to meet you Rosie!

Courtney, Bethany, Matthew and I
I really enjoyed getting to see you again, Courtney and Matthew!

I really enjoyed getting to meet you Elizabeth. 

I was blessed to meet Mrs. K at the dessert reception. Her daughter, Shelby was the inspiration behind the Bible Bee. Shelby passed away in her early twenties from cancer. She used to take a stone and throw into into water and say, "See the ripples, that's what I want my life to be like." She wanted to leave a legacy in the world. Her favorite verse was Matthew 28:20b..."And Lo, I am with you always even unto the end of the age." 

There were many others that I got to meet at the dessert reception. I had a great time at Nationals and hope to participate in future years :D

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Rachel said...

It was great seeing you all again Carissa!