Saturday, December 8, 2012

Nationals ~ Part 4

On Sunday, November 18, we went to Clingmans' Dome with the C. family. This will be the last post of the National Bible Bee and it will mainly be pictures from our trip up to Clingmans' Dome.

JJ, David, and Everett

JJ, Daniel, David, and Everett

Ellia, Bethany and Faith

My cutie pie...Faith
I told Faith to smile for the camrea but the sun was in her eyes. So I told her to turn just a little bit and so she turned completely around :D It made a pretty cute picture though :D




The observation deck



SNOW! (Can't wait to get some here :D)

David, JJ, Everett (Did I mention that both JJ and Everett made it to semi-finals?!)



Hannah said...

Hiking in the mountains was so beautiful, wasn't it? It was great to catch up with you then! Enjoying all the Bible Bee posts - love the pictures!

Rachel C. said...

WE WENT THERE TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O :) Too bad we didn't see you :(

Carissa Rose said...

@Hannah: Yes, it was very beautiful. It was great seeing you again!