Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Craft : : Puzzle Hearts

(Sorry for the poor photo)

So here is a tutorial on how to make these cute puzzle hearts.

*Puzzle with missing pieces
*Hot glue gun
*Heart template (For the heart template just draw a heart shape the size you want or trace around a heart)

1. Lay puzzle pieces around the outside edge of the heart template until they all lay nicely with no big gaps
2. Lay another layer of puzzle pieces on top and then glue those pieces on one by one
3. Lay two more layers on top and glue them on as before
4. Paint the heart the color that you want and glue a ribbon to the back...if you are giving it as a gift you can add a little gift tag

Helpful Hints
Make sure before you start that nobody wants to put the puzzle together :D
When you lay out the layers of puzzle pieces lay them on top of each brick style so that all the pieces are connected and it won't fall apart when you pick it up
Have fun!! :D

Please comment and tell me if you try it out :D


Lauren McGinnis said...

Wow, that is very interesting, Carissa. BTW: I have a new blog :) Please be sure to visit often!

Kay S said...

We are a jig saw puzzle family so have plenty of them around. Now instead of burning the ones with lost pieces.....I have a productive use for the left overs. Thanks for the great idea! Kay

Anonymous said...

Really amazing fun and cheap creative art, I made for my Valentine, awesome gift too

Anonymous said...

Great Idea.
I'll try this on first occasion :)

Anonymous said...

4I did this and used the color of the pieces instead of painting them. Turned out real cute

Anonymous said...

My mother always worked puzzled, now that she has passed away this is a great way to keep something of hers close to heart. Great presents for all the grandchildren. Thanks for sharing...

andrea chiu said...

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