Monday, August 26, 2013


It's hard to believe that locals is all over! It sped by so fast!! We all had a great was SO much fun!

Early in the morning we got up and prepared for our big day...we made sure that we had everything, grabbed a quick bite to eat and then headed out. We went through the registration line and registered then we headed into the sanctuary to wait for the opening ceremony. After instructions, a song, and prayer the juniors and seniors headed downstairs to take the written test, while the primaries went for their oral rounds. After finishing the written test all the juniors and seniors headed back up for their oral rounds. After all tests were completed everyone headed back downstairs for lunch. We had a great time fellowshipping with others! With lunch finished we all went back to the sanctuary where each family went up on stage and shared a little bit about their Bible Bee experience. When each family had shared the top five finalists in each division were announced. Our host announced the primaries first and we were greatly delighted to hear "3rd place in the primary division...Ellia"!!!!!!! Ellia did very well considering that she had just recently learned to read and having to take the written test! Then the juniors were announced and the 1st place winner was....David!!!!!! Then the Seniors were announced! She announced 5th place and then 4th place and then 3rd place as Bethany!!!!!! Then they announced 2nd place and then "And 1st place in the senior division...Carissa"!! I was in total shock! ALL GLORY TO GOD!!!

We had a very wonderful and special day! Scores are posted on Wednesday and I can't wait!!!!!

Sorry I don't have any pictures...contestants weren't allowed cameras :)

Because of HIM!
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Elanee said...

Congradulations Carissa! I'm certain you made it to Nationals:) I'm glad it went so well for you... I was praying!

Rachel Irene said...

Great Job on getting 1st, Carissa! :) I was a bit surprised myself when they announced me as the 1st place winner for our Local bee :)
Please, when you get some pictures, please post them!
Hope you make it to Nationals! :)

Bekah said...

Congratulations! I know you worked hard for this.

Have a blessed day!

His Princess,

Payton said...

Congrats! What a wonderful blessing to be hiding God's Word in your heart, and being able to do so with others who share the same passion! I hope all goes well with you all!

S. F. said...

Yay, I'm so glad you won! Did you make it to Nationals? *fingers crossed* ~ S. F.

Carissa Rose said...

@Elanee: Thank you SO much for praying for us!
@Rachel: Alrighty...I will...if I get any pictures :)
@Bekah: Thanks!
@Payton: Thank you!
@S.F: We'll learn tonight at 7:00 EDT!!