Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pilot and Co-Pilot

{Sorry for the not so great pic....it was a phone pic}
David and I -- At a Airline History Museum
Keep Smiling!
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Elanee said...

That looks really fun:) my brother Evan has been taking flight lessons, and that looks pretty similar to the plane he has been learning in!

S. F. said...

Wow! Phone picture or not, the picture's great. Who was the Pilot and who was the Co-Pilot?;)
~ S. F.

Carissa Rose said...

@Elanee: Yes, it was fun!
@S.F: Sorry, I should have said. I was the pilot and my little brother, David, was the co-pilot.

S. F. said...

That dose make sense! :)
Have a blessed Thursday.
~ S. F.