Tuesday, March 11, 2014

{November 19-23} Nationals 2013

We had a blast at nationals again this year! None of us advanced to Semi-finals but it was still a great time of hearing Scripture quoted, playing games with friends, and just getting to talk with many friends, new and old. So here are some pictures that I got from our weekend...yeah, I didn't get that many... :-\\

{The Lobby in the hotel we stayed at}

{Amy and Faith while we were getting signed into the hotel}

{Two pics of one of our hotel rooms}
It was so nice that we were able to have a kitchen and living along with two bedrooms. 

{Heading for prelims early Thursday morning}

{After prelims back at our rooms relaxing with some dear friends}

{Talking with friends}

{David and Jarrett C.}

{The Primary Semi Finalists praying before Semis}

{Jarrett and his parents after Semis}

{Playing Ping-pong =)}

{We had the A. family over on Friday}

{More Ping-pong...yeah, I so enjoyed playing it xP}

{Dutch Blitz...another favorite game to play at Nats}

{Grace M. and Bethany}

Because of HIM!
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Rachel Irene said...

Ahhh...I *soooo* missed being there! ;'( Thank you for posting pictures!!

Hannah said...

So fun to look at your pictures, Carissa!! Thanks for sharing :).

Elanee said...

It's great to see some pictures Carissa. I'm glad we were able to see you all again last year:)

S.F. said...

Yay, you're posting again! :)
It looks like you had a really amazing time at the Nationals. And the pictures you shared are great!

~ S. F.

Bethany said...

Fun pictures!!! :D I enjoyed seeing familiar faces. :)

Esther O. said...

How fun! I love seeing pictures from Nationals, even if I wasn't there. You got a living room and kitchen too? Nice!

Will you be doing the Bible Bee again this year? And if you qualify again, will you go to Nationals? This is my last year, and I'm determined to qualify and do well at Nationals, and I'd love to see you there!