Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Thank you, S.F, for awarding me. :) It was great meeting you the other day! :)

The first award is the Liebster Award. I'm supposed to answer the questions given to me, create 11 questions and pass it on to 11 other bloggers. But instead of awarding 11 other bloggers I'm just going to let any of you blog readers who have blogs claim it :) 

My Answers:
1. Given the chance to go anywhere else at the moment then where you are now, where would you go? Hmm...that's really hard! But I'd probably say going to a certain state to visit a dear friend. :)

2. Favourite colour? Dark red and Midnight blue

3. If the situation called for it, would you call the police, a detective, or rely on yourself? A detective. 

4. What's the most serious injury you've had? (Please don't go into detail, for the faint of heart*! :) When I cut my leg on barbed wire about six years ago.

5. Washing dishes or doing the laundry? Washing dishes

6. Are you gifted with the art of drawing? Absolutely. Not!

7. What piece of poetry do you enjoy most? Oohh...I have several favorites. "Stir Me", "Afraid?" and "Walking Partners". 

8. Someone (you know this person) says that right then and there you can go swimming in the ocean-to the bottom of it, if you wish,-or fly, which will you choose? Fly!!! :) 

9. Talkative or shy? Shy

10. If you are a photographer, what is one of your favourite pictures you've taken? Hmm...I don't know...I can take pictures but I'm by no means a photographer.

11. Everyone must have a "dream pet" (a dragon, a peacock), what is yours? Umm...I don't have one :)


1. Do you like doing outside activities or inside activities more?
2. What is one of your favorite blogs to read?
3. Which do you prefer...writing letters or emailing?
4. Do you like talking on the phone?
5. What are some of your "quirks"?
6. What is one of your favorite summer activities?
7. Boots or flip-flops?
8. Would you rather read the book or watch the movie?
9. What is your favorite instrument?
10. How tall are you?
11. What is your favorite season?

For this one I have to answer the questions given, ask some more questions and award some bloggers. But once again, I'm awarding anyone who wants to do it :)

What books have you been sticking your nose in lately? I haven't lately =//
Ever traveled out of the country you live in? Nope...I want to though.
Are you more apt to giggle or guffaw? Umm...probably "guffaw".
Summer's almost here! What makes summer special to you? Doing the Bible Bee =)
How would you describe this? :
Hmm...umm...a pretty place with a beautiful sunrise? (Yeah...I'm not good at stuff like this xP)

Thanks again, S.F!

For the KING!
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S.F. said...

Thank you for accepting these awards! I love your answers. :)
~ S. F.

Hannah Joy said...

I claim both awards!! :)

Hannah Joy said...


1. Outside, if it's not too hot
2. Sweeter than Honey, Rosie Posies Place, Bethany's Blog, 2 Timothy Poetry, Once Lost, Now Found...
3. Emailing
4. Yes
5. Blowing spit bubbles and cracking my toes and fingers
6. Swimming
7. Flip-flops!!!!!!!!!!!
8. If I hadn't seen or read either, watch the movie
9. Probably flute
10. 4'8"
11. Summer!


Elsie Dinsmore
Bible Bee and swimming

Hannah Joy said...

Oh! for the Sunshine Award, I forgot the last question. Let me see. I would describe it as a lovely place for a poet to write about. It also reminds me of like the kings of Israel's gardens and property. (Maybe because of the stone wall...?)

Hannah said...

So... I have to make up 11 questions and send them to 11 bloggers? If so, then I'll try... see if I can think of 11 bloggers. :P

Hannah Joy said...

Wait, I don't have a blog (but we do have a family blog... does that count?)