Monday, September 28, 2015

Bible Bee: How I Study

I've been involved in the National Bible Bee since 2011. It has been a great experience and I've learned a lot through it. This year we studied John 1-6 for locals and are studying for John 7-12 for Nationals. So, here is a look into how I study. (This is by no means an exhaustive list. ;)


It is always important to start with a clean desk, or study area. 

Gather all your materials
Some of mine are: Micron Pens, Colored Pencils, Pencils, Markers,
Verse Cards, Commentaries, Dictionary, Bible, and Study Binder 


It is important to know the locations mentioned in the book. I print out a map and mark all the key places in it. Then I research each place and then write out about a paragraph on each place. 

It is also important to know the people mentioned in the book/passage. I make a list of each person and then look them up and learn what I can about them. I put CRs to where else they are mentioned in the Bible. The picture on the right is a colorful chart for John, the author of the Gospel of John, made by my sister Amy.

In this case, the outline starts a few years before Christ and then goes to 100AD. I have historical events, when the NT books were written, events in the life of the apostles, events in the earth church, and of course events in the life of Christ. 

Historical Background
Another element of understanding a passage is the historical background and culture. Research any feasts or events mentioned in the passage. Look up what the temple was like and any other aspects of culture that are mentioned. 

For each chapter, after studying the history, people, places, etc... I have several things that I study. Greek words, Cross References, Outlines, Themes, Interview Questions, Attributes and Actions of God, Key Verse, Key Words, Title, Summary, Sermon/Commentary Notes, Application, etc...  
OUTLINE the chapter and summarize each easily so you can remember them
INTERVIEW the chapter by asking questions from each verse
THEMES: What are the main themes in the chapter?
TITLE: Think a short title that summarizes the entire chapter
SUMMARIZE the chapter in a short paragraph
KEY WORDS/GREEK WORDS/CROSS REFERENCES: Find a few Key Words (I find about 6-10) and mark each place they are used in the chapter, then look up the Greek word and its definition. Finally find other passages that cross reference to that word.
COMMENTARY/SERMON NOTES: Read plenty of commentaries and sermons on the book/passage. I like to read Barnes, Gill, Clark, and Henry's commentary and John MacArthur sermons.
APPLICATION: Finally, what can I apply to my life from this chapter? Don't just be a learner, apply it to your life. 



Another important aspect of the Bible Bee is the memory passages. Not only do I have to memorize lots of passages, but I must study them all as well. Basically I follow the same studying techniques as I do on the passage. 

How do you all study the Bible? =)