Monday, December 14, 2015

National Bible Bee 2015 :: Pictures

{I painted our van before we left}

{Studying with Friends}


{Reciting in Semi-Finals}

{Friday night -- After singing till 2:15 AM}

are not forever,
are not the end;
It simply means
I'll miss you
until we meet again."

{Congratulations, Emily! You did an amazing job!} 

{Courtney, Matthew, and I all tied for sixth place}

{The Senior Winner! Congrats, Delie! =)}

{Ellia in Finals -- She placed 5th!}

{The Finalists in all three age divisions}

{Four of the Alumni Officers}

{At the River Walk with the C. Family}

{A visit with Grandparents on our way home}

{When we arrived home a friend from Church had made us a sign =)}


Rachel Irene said...

I loved reading this post, Carissa! Sooo many sweet memories. :) Everytime I see pictures from Nats, I get all sentimental all over again. XD It was lovely to see you again last month. ♥ Miss you!

Elizabeth. said...

Love this, Carissa! Congrats again and grateful for your diligent example + excellent recitations. Ahhh, the "BB bond" is truly incredible and makes me miss you guys!!