Saturday, January 30, 2016

Monthly Book Review :: Spurgeon's Sermons on Prayer

One of my goals this year is to read 1 spiritual book each month. My first book I read was Spurgeon's Sermons on Prayer. I've posted some different quotes from the book, and now I'm going to do a short review on it. Each month I hope to post a review on the book that I read that month. 

Spurgeon's Sermons on Prayer
This book is a collection of sermons by Charles H. Spurgeon on Prayer. The first twelve sermons are from different verses scattered throughout the Bible. Then he has several sermons on prayers that were prayed by people in the Bible; Lastly he has sermons that cover the prayers of Christ. 

These sermons were very helpful and challenging. He made great points about prayer and our need to grow in it. He gave different passages from the Bible and examples of prayer from the Bible to teach us more about prayer. While going into depth about prayer, it was still quite easy to read and understand. I learned a lot about prayer through this book and I would recommend it to others. 

I have posted several quotes from his sermons, but here a few that really challenged me:
"They [Saints of old] reaped great harvests in the field of prayer, and found the mercy seat to be a mine of untold treasures."
"You must take the city by storm if you would have it. You will not ride to heaven on a featherbed, you must go on pilgrimage; there is no going to the land of glory while you are sound asleep—dreamy sluggards will have to wake up in hell!"
"Be in earnest! Cry aloud! Spare not!" 

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