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Little Sisters + Dessert = A Fun Evening

{The Pop Tarts we made} Strawberry, Chocolate-Peanut, and S'mores
{My two little helpers =)}

"Little Things"

{From Google}
I turn a handle and fresh water pours into my cup. I flip a switch and lights floods the room. I push a button and my clothes get washed and dried. I turn on a screen and I can communicate with people hundreds of miles away. I turn a key, and I can go all over town. These are daily occurrences and we often overlook them. There are so many "little/daily" things that we take for granted. I'm thankful for, 
:: Fresh Running Water ::
:: Electricity ::
:: Laptops ::
:: Washing Machines ::
:: Cars ::  :: Microwaves, Ovens, and Refrigerators ::
:: Music Players ::
:: Clocks ::
:: Postal Service ::  :: Pictures ::
What "little things" are you thankful for?