Monday, August 29, 2016


"Prayer is the unfailing resource of God's people. If they are driven to their wits' end, they may still go to the mercy-seat. When an earthquake makes our mountain tremble, the throne of grace still stands firm, and we may come to it. Let us never forget to pray, and let us never doubt the success of prayer. The hand which wounds can heal: let us turn to Him who smites us, and He will be entreated of us. Prayer is a better solace than Cain's building a city and Saul's seeking for music. Mirth and carnal amusements are a sorry prescription for a mind distracted and despairing: prayer will succeed where all else fails." - Charles Spurgeon

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Bible Bee Celebration Ceremony!

Yesterday, our local Bible Bee Celebration Ceremony was held. It was a lot of fun. We had a final challenge round, recognition of all contestants, and awarding the top contestants. Below are pictures from our event. =)


{Our local host - my dad =)}

{Primary Contestants}

{Junior Contestants}

{Senior Contestants}

{All Contestants}

{Primary Final Challenge Round}

{Junior Final Challenge Round}

{Senior Final Challenge Round}

{Primary Final Challenge Round Winners}

{Junior Final Challenge Round Winners}

{Senior Final Challenge Round Winners}

{All Final Challenge Round Winners}

{My Family}

We had 9 National qualifiers from our local bee. Another exciting note, all four of us (myself and three siblings) qualified for nationals! Now we are on to studying for Nationals! =)

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Recent Happenings

This is a post with an overload of pictures from the past month.

During the middle of July, Daddy, David, and I went out to California for a real estate conference. On the way there we stopped at Hoover Dam. Here are some pictures.

{Hoover Dam from the sky}

{In the airplane}

After the conference was over, David stayed with some friends, while Daddy and I went to San Diego for my 18th birthday.

{On an old ship at the Maritime Musuem}

{By the Pacific Ocean}

{Walking in the Pacific Ocean}

{An amazing picture that my dad took}

{In the Pacific Ocean}

{After I got drenched in the Pacific Ocean}
I got very sunburned out there... :P

{View of San Diego from the Harbor}

{A sign for the Fox Trot Submarine at the Maritime Musuem}

{Rosecrans National Military Cemetery - Quite a sight}

{Daddy next to the 14 ft Cabrillo Monument}

{Sunset over Seaport Village}

{San Diego shoreline at night from Coronado Island}

{Cabrillo National Monument}

After spending a day and a half in San Diego, we headed back to pick up David and head home. Here are some pictures while on our drive. 

Once we got home, I had my graduation open house. It was lots of fun. =) Here is our family picture from it. It's so nice being finished with school.