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Bible Bee Celebration Ceremony!

Yesterday, our local Bible Bee Celebration Ceremony was held. It was a lot of fun. We had a final challenge round, recognition of all contestants, and awarding the top contestants. Below are pictures from our event. =)


{Our local host - my dad =)}

{Primary Contestants}

{Junior Contestants}

{Senior Contestants}

{All Contestants}

{Primary Final Challenge Round}

{Junior Final Challenge Round}

{Senior Final Challenge Round}

{Primary Final Challenge Round Winners}

{Junior Final Challenge Round Winners}

{Senior Final Challenge Round Winners}

{All Final Challenge Round Winners}

{My Family}

We had 9 National qualifiers from our local bee. Another exciting note, all four of us (myself and three siblings) qualified for nationals! Now we are on to studying for Nationals! =)


S.F. said…
Congratulations, Carissa! How exciting. :)
~ S. F.
Bethany R. said…
Congrats! How fun! Thank you for stopping by my blog. :) I really like yours. Are you a pastor's kid by any chance?
Carissa Rose said…
@Bethany R: Haha, yes, I am. =) How did you figure that out? :P
Bethany R. said…
I am too! I saw the picture with your dad at a pulpit and just wondered. :) That's cool! I love meeting other pastor's kids! How did you find my blog?
Carissa Rose said…
That's really neat! What church is your dad a pastor of?

Haha, that's funny. That picture of my dad at the pulpit, actually wasn't at all related to our church; He wasn't preaching there and it wasn't even at our church building. :P

Well, I found it first through the Andi Blog and then through Rebekah Morris' blog party. =)
Bethany R. said…
My Dad pastors a small church in the country called True Life Christian Fellowship. Where does your dad pastor?

I'm so glad that you found my blog! I look forward to following yours more. :)
Carissa Rose said…
Okay, nice! Where do y'all live? My dad pastors at Christ Covenant Church of KC (soon to become Louisburg). It was actually started just 6 months ago. :) But he has pastored before this new church.

And I look forward to following yours. =)
Bethany R. said…
Did your family start the church? I'm from central California in the area of Paso Robles and King City. How many siblings do you have?
Carissa Rose said…
Yes, we did start the church, with a group of other people.

Okay. Nice! =)

I have six siblings - three older and three younger. How many do you have?
Bethany R. said…
I got your email, and I agree. Emailing will be easier. I'll try to email you soon, but my email is acting weird so that's why I haven't replied yet. :) I have one younger sister.
Carissa Rose said…
Okay. Whenever you respond is fine. :)

Nice! =)

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