Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Recent Happenings

This is a post with an overload of pictures from the past month.

During the middle of July, Daddy, David, and I went out to California for a real estate conference. On the way there we stopped at Hoover Dam. Here are some pictures.

{Hoover Dam from the sky}

{In the airplane}

After the conference was over, David stayed with some friends, while Daddy and I went to San Diego for my 18th birthday.

{On an old ship at the Maritime Musuem}

{By the Pacific Ocean}

{Walking in the Pacific Ocean}

{An amazing picture that my dad took}

{In the Pacific Ocean}

{After I got drenched in the Pacific Ocean}
I got very sunburned out there... :P

{View of San Diego from the Harbor}

{A sign for the Fox Trot Submarine at the Maritime Musuem}

{Rosecrans National Military Cemetery - Quite a sight}

{Daddy next to the 14 ft Cabrillo Monument}

{Sunset over Seaport Village}

{San Diego shoreline at night from Coronado Island}

{Cabrillo National Monument}

After spending a day and a half in San Diego, we headed back to pick up David and head home. Here are some pictures while on our drive. 

Once we got home, I had my graduation open house. It was lots of fun. =) Here is our family picture from it. It's so nice being finished with school. 


Steven Wagner said...

I love seeing all the photos! Thank you for sharing :) Do you have many from your openhouse you could share? ;)

Katie B. said...

Cool Carissa! Thanks for sharing-you got some great pics!! :)