Friday, October 21, 2016


After thirteen years of homeschool (Kindergarten-12), I graduated this year. I finished my school on May 31, but had my graduation party on July 30. Here are some pictures from my graduation open house as well as some of my senior pictures. (Thanks, Lauren and Valerie, for taking my senior pictures!)

It's hard to believe that I'm now out of school. Life will be so much different now, but I'm looking forward to seeing what God has ahead for me. I have different "plans", but God is in control.

We had over 60 people come to my graduation open house. Because I was too busy to take pictures, we didn't get too many pictures from my open house. It was lots of fun, and I really enjoyed it. =) 

What big events happened in your life this year? 
Are you still in school or have you already graduated?


Steven Wagner said...

Thanks for posting these! :) I saw most of them, but there are some new ones too you never shared. I think the first one if pretty cool/funny :). The people who took your photos had some great ideas! Wish I had ideas like that, and I didn't know you had cowboy boots??!!

Carissa Rose said...

I know; They had great ideas! Haha, yes I have cowboy boots; I really like cowboy/western things/outfits... :P

Amy Lane said...

Such nice pictures!