Monday, October 10, 2016

Sewing Projects // Historical Outfit

It's always been a dream of mine to own an historical dress. Well, this summer, that became reality, when I sewed myself a Colonial America dress. Yes, it's probably not 100% historically outfit, but I had a great time sewing it, and so enjoy it.

{Sorry, the focus is wrong in this picture}

What projects have y'all been working on lately? 


Rachel Irene said...

That's beautiful!!!! <3 Where did you get the pattern? xD

Bethany R. said...

It's lovely! You're so talented! I've sewn quilts but never clothes. Beautiful job!

Carissa Rose said...

@Rachel: Thank you. =) I used this pattern: McCalls 6139.

@Bethany: Thank you. =) I've never sewn a quilt. I'd so enjoy seeing pictures of your sewing. :)

S.F. said...

Sewing an historical dress is something I would like to do, too. Your's turned out wonderful! ♥ The pattern and and colours are so lovely!

~ S. F.

Carissa Rose said...

You should do it! It's lots of fun! Thank you. =) @S.F.