Saturday, November 26, 2016

2016 National Bible Bee // Lesson #1

During my time as a National Bible Bee Contestant, I learned so much - not just through studying the Word, but also through participating. In the following few blog posts, I am going to share a few lessons that I have learned.

The National Bible Bee is a great incentive to memorize and study God's Word. The prize money that is given away each year is a large amount, so it can be very easy to focus on studying in order to do well and hopefully win. During my time as a contestant, I've struggled with doing it for the right reasons. Unless one is careful the prize money can become a snare. The recognition can become a snare. The trip to Nationals can become a snare. Even studying and memorizing to have more knowledge can become a snare. 

A lesson that was key in my studying this year was that I must focus on Christ. He is the true prize. I was studying, yes, to participate in the National Bible Bee, but the main thing was to know Christ better. He is the treasure found in the Bible. He is the whole point of the Gospel. He is our Savior. He is our King. He is the one that we must seek after.

All the prize money that the National Bible Bee offers is earthly and will not last. All the recognition and fame will be vanish. In future years, you won't have any of that left. The only thing that will be left is Christ. He will never perish and pass away. He is forever.

If you are a contestant, alumni, or someone who hasn't participated in Bible Bee, no matter what you do, remember that your focus must be on Christ. Don't do something for the prize/recognition/etc... Do it for Christ!

What is a lesson you've been learning lately? (Bible Bee related or not)
Have you struggled with this? 


Anonymous said...

Amen indeed! =D


Peace Lu said...

Thank you so much for sharing, Carissa! It's such an encouragement and a reminder to me to keep my focus on Christ! <3