Monday, November 28, 2016

2016 National Bible Bee // Lesson #2

This lesson that I am going to share was another big one from this year. I struggle with it a lot, not just during Bible Bee, but during the off-season as well.

During Bible Bee studying, it's easy to get so caught up in studying and preparing for the test, locally or nationally, that you can forget there are more important things. Yes, studying for the Bible Bee is very important and you want to do your best, but that should not take the place of other important things. The most important is people - your family, your church, your friends.

Throughout my journey as a Bible Bee Contestant, I laid out I was going to study, my schedule, etc... and anytime that I got interrupted I would get frustrated. My little sister would ask me to play with her, and my response would be one of frustration "Can't you see I'm trying to study! Go play by yourself." Or my family would need my help for something and instead of doing it joyfully, I'd do it while thinking the whole time "I really need to be studying right now".

Studying is very important, but if it takes the place of people - investing in them, serving them, building relationships with them, etc... - then it becomes wrong. Throughout life there will be many things that want your attention, but you must keep your priorities straight. When you are busy with things and get called away, don't be frustrated, instead thank God for those distractions. Five years, Ten years, however many years from now, you're going to look back and think, "Why didn't I just play with my little siblings?" "Why didn't I just cheerfully help my family". Keep your priorities straight. Don't let your studying/dreams/tasks consume you so much that you neglect people.

When your life is over it's the people that you have impacted that will be your legacy. If you've spent your whole life focusing on your dreams/tasks/etc... you won't have that legacy. Spend the time investing in people now so that in the future you will still have those relationships and that legacy.


Katherine Forster said...

Oh my goodness, yes. This has been such a struggle for me this year. I think God has definitely been working in my heart with this, but I still have a long way to go. Thank you for this post!

Nicolas Alexander said...

Excellent lesson, and well said! Certainly something that I need to keep in mind as I head towards pursuing my life goals; I can't forget to attend to the things that truly matter in the end.