Wednesday, November 30, 2016

2016 National Bible Bee // Lesson #3

This will be the final lesson that I share from my journey in Bible Bee. While I've only shared three lessons, there were so many more that I learned.

So often I get caught up in the future - what will I be doing, where will I live, etc... In my thinking of the future, I miss the present. Life flies by so quickly, and if I spend time wishing for/dreaming about the future, I will lose the present. I'll "wake up" five years from now and regret the time that I threw away.

Every day there are so many little things that we can enjoy and give thanks for. Yet, I so easily lose sight of the present in dreaming about the future. While in Bible Bee, it was so easy to dream about Nationals that I lost study time and time with my family. Then Nationals would come, it'd be over, and I'd look back and think "why did I spend so much time dreaming about Nationals that I let myself lose study time?"

The present days are so precious. Be content with where you are. Don't always be dreaming about the future. No, it isn't wrong to have dreams about the future, but don't let yourself get so caught up in it that you lose the present. You won't always be so near your family like you are today, savor the days you have with them. You may not always be able to do all you can now, savor those things. Enjoy the present and be content with where you are today.

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