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On-Christ-The-Solid-Rock-I-Stand said...

This is your contact page, right?

I saw your blog post featuring other Bible Bee-ers and wondered if you would like to put my Scripture Songs on your blog.

My advice to readers would be: Even if you're not good at songwritig, putting the passages to music will lock them into your brain! This is how I memorized most of the passages (perefectly)!

Here is the link: http://mustardseedfaithmusic.weebly.com/53/post/2013/06/first-12-bible-bee-songs-are-here-2013.html (You have my permission to embed it if you like, but please link to my site if you wouldn't mind. I've got your button on mine!

Carissa Rose said...

@OCTSRIS: Thank you! I would really like to put your songs on the Bible Bee blog. I will make sure to link to your site. Thanks again!

Unknown said...

What do you know... I found your blog again! :D I haven't seen this since you first shared it with me almost two years ago, and you keep it updated! ;) I'll look forward to reading what you write.

Steven Wagner said...

For some reason it didn't show my name ^^

Steven Wagner said...
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